Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Garden District

While we walking around in the French Quarter we ran into tours companies like crazy and Karla and I knew we had to go on some but we just didn't know which ones. So I texted with Gay Nelson that night and after about 2 hours of texting and calling and arrangements we were all set. The next day we had some touring to cram in. We got up bright and early and hit the Garden District tour right off. It was a bus tour that dropped you off and the tour guide took us all around the district. It was so awesome. I love old historical homes anyway so this was right up my alley.
Our cute little tour guide. I loved her accent and her tour was great. Check out cast iron fence behind her. So interesting. She gave us all Valentines Mardi Gras beads and boxes of probably the best non homemade cookies I have ever had. It's her family's business and Karla and I spent the rest of our days searching for them to no avail :(
So back to the tour. We walked all around and saw some of the most gorgeous homes. 
Blocks and blocks of them.
 The sidewalks were killer, literally. The cobblestones were so lumpy and bumpy because the live oak tree roots were causing upheavals all over the place. You had to look down while you were walking. I forgot to tell Mendis that and on our last day he took quite a tumble on one.
 I was fascinated the the fences were still strung with Mardi Gras beads everywhere. It was so pretty actually. And to my credit I only took one strand!

 This old home housed the OPera Guild and we got a tour on the inside which was gorgeous as well!
The tour was so great. I just loved this area. We also toured a graveyard with her and walked right past the Commander's Palace which is the best restaurant in town. It's the signature Brennen restaurant.
 Sandra Bullock's house
 John Goodman's house
 Archie Manning's house
I make no apology for all the pictures! These places were too gorgeous.

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