Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Big 8 Oh

So Grandpa Cooper turned eighty this year. The big eighty oh! Feb 20 was the big day. It was so nice that is was on a Saturday as well. Everyone that could headed to St George. He wanted to get together for pizza so we went to Brick Oven. We loaded him up with presents, pizza and cake.
 Not so sure he could even hear us but he enjoyed being with everyone any way.

Cooper didn't even finish all his cake. That my friends is monumental so I had to get a picture of it. He wanted the piece with a balloon of course! Ashley and Shay stayed at home and Christina couldn't make it down and of course Jeff & Rachel but everyone else was there except Sade and Shyler. It was fun getting everyone all together even if it was difficult for all of us to visit stretched out in tables.  We took up lots of space and had lots of food and fun!

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