Saturday, March 5, 2016

Guys and Their Cars

Pretty fun day today! It was Rees's pinewood derby. Can I just say the pinewood derby had certainly come a long way since Jeff & Hayden were doing them!!
 It's all done up at the Stake Center now instead of individual wards which makes it nice. Each ward just has a designated time. Then the top 4 qualifiers from each ward compete that afternoon for top Stake honors. As you can see it's quite the setup now. JD Cornwall has personally invested in the track complete with timers and computer programs to show the winners of each heat AND a slow motion replay! Incredible.
 So first there's the weigh in.
 Time for the heat. They run each car on all four tracks and average the times.
 Rees's car got to compete at the Stake level so we came back that afternoon to cheer him on.
 Rees and his Car!!
 He took 19 in the Stake which was amazing!!
 What a team these two are. It was certainly a fun day cheering them on. I loved it.

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