Monday, March 21, 2016

Shayla's Blessing Day

March 20 was Shayla's big day. 
We had brunch at Ashley's house before church so visitors could get out on the road. I had made a couple of french toast casseroles and a bunch of breakfast casseroles for brunch. So I forgot to put the french toast ones even in the oven while I took all morning to get ready. So we figured we could just cook them right away. Crisis averted sorta. Then we get up there and not only have the egg casseroles spilled all over the trunk (my first clue) but after cooking 45 min they were pretty raw!! So we fired up all her ovens and started with yummy muffins and fruit. Luckily the casseroles got cooked in time for us to eat some but wow that was stressful. Christina, Ashley and I went back to take pictures of Shay and get her dressed in her special dress. I can't believe we didn't grab Megan. Just a stupid slip up on our part.
 Snapped this picture of the guests shoes by the front door. So fun to have so many family members there. Pretty much everyone made it to brunch at some point but Charlie & Alisha but they were able to attend her blessing.
Her dress all ready for her.
Those precious little shoes are the ones Ashley wore on her very own blessing day!

 Getting her bracelet on that Rachel Hickman made for her.
 And the final piece was her headband that Ashley made. Soo cute.
 She's just the most perfect little doll.


 It was such a special day. Once brunch wasn't ruined it got much better. It was wonderful to visit with family and be there for our first Grand daughter's blessing day. Such days are the joy of life.

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