Sunday, March 6, 2016

Power Outage

March 6...the great power outage in the valley. We had quite a storm go through the valley that day and lightening struck a pole in Moapa. Unfortunately it was a critical pole for the system which brought the power down system wide. Even Lincoln County was out for awhile. Mesquite and all of Moapa Valley was down for about 12-13 hours. While cudos goes to those people who made the best of it (namely our valley) others had nothing but complaints and crying about their situation. I jumped in the truck with Mendis so I could field calls and read/answer texts while he drove. He was in communication with everyone but the Governor.The crews were hard at work in no time. In fact with it being fast Sunday we knew some of the men would be hungry from just eating a sandwich as they ran out the door so at one point we drove to Vegas to get them some burgers to hold them over as they worked through the night. Quite the excitement around here. I can't stress enough how lucky we were that this didn't happen in the heat of the summer. After the storm blew through it was cool but not cold so it could have been so much worse. Apparently the night sky that night was so starry but I confess we never got to see it. 
 The dreaded lightening strike that burned right threw the top of this pole!
 You can still see it smoldering.
I thought this was hilarious when I saw it on Facebook!!

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