Sunday, January 31, 2016

Provo Trip

We were all dying to go to a BYU game especially since it was Kyle Collinsworth's senior year.  We've really enjoyed watching the Collinsworth guys play basketball. So we got some tickets and headed up. It was incredibly hard finding a weekend we could make it happen but we finally just had to miss a few things to make it work. We took Hayden & Megan with us and stayed at Chateau Christina so that made it all super fun. Once we arrived we started looking online for an extra ticket so all five of us could go.
 Mendis and I headed to Waffle Luv to score us some waffles for breakfast and it didn't disappoint. I was excited to try them after watching them on the great food truck race last summer. After our waffle brunch we headed to the new Provo Temple open house. Megan had gotten us tickets so that really helped.
 The Temple was just gorgeous. It was freezing outside so luckily we didn't have to wait outside too long for anything. Adam Pulsipher, Hayden's companion, met up with us since we had an extra ticket for the open house and it was great to see him again.

 We grabbed a quick bit at the Kneaders drivethru and then we went to the Provo Beach Club since Hayden hadn't ever been there before. We watched the surfers for awhile and then went in and watched Hayden & Megan do the ropes course.

 By this time it was nice and snowy!
 That night we had dinner at Tucahno's another first for Hayden.
 Jeff Collinsworth ended up getting us really great seats for the game so we gave our tickets to Christina's friend to use. It was fun going in through the bottom of the Marriott center and sitting so close was pretty awesome too. Kyle had an amazing game and broke the round record while we were there so that was pretty awesome!

 After the game we headed down and met up with Kyle and visited for a few minutes.

 It was a super fun weekend and we were so glad to be able to pull it off.  Thanks to Ashley for not having her baby that weekend too!! We drove home in the snow but right behind us it got super bad. They closed the freeways the next day so thank goodness we missed the worst of it.

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