Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cooper Reunion

Just when we thought life might slow down a bit it was time for the reunion. Mendis and I had "volunteered" to put it on during Aunt Alzina's funeral. The second the holidays were over we hit it hard! Luckily for us lots of people volunteered to help us so we spread out the assignments. We started at noon officially. We had lunch ready to go in no time. We had hot dogs and hamburgers. I made a couple of salads, there was chips, fruit and tons of cookies. I had just made those ahead of time and frozen them. So we certainly didn't starve. Alisha and Terri had organized a ton of activities for the kids to do so they were happy all afternoon.
Balloon bball and then snowball fights and bball!
 We had set up tables along the wall for people to set up displays of Cooper pictures and amazing artifacts and geneology stuff. It was amazing to see all the stuff people brought to contribute. This is just our portion. Mendis got to play host and announced our itinerary and kept things moving along. Stacy had some fun Cooper trivia and I handed out prizes for longest traveled etc.
 We set up a bunch of props for an impromptu photo booth that we thought was fun to take advantage of.
 After lunch we did a local tour of the things Coopers would be interested in. We went to Joe's barn where some people told stories of things that happened there.There was even a family meeting to plan the next one and we had a question time for Ivan, Marietta and Mary Jane so we could hear some more stories.

We spent some time together up at the cemetery as well.

That evening we had a fabulous Mexican dinner catered by LaFonda. That was awesome not having to cook that too! During dinner we had Ken Marshall come do some cowboy poetry for us which was awesome.
 We visited a bit more and wrapped it all up by about 8pm. It was a long day but it went so smoothly I think. It was a good thing to have over but we sure enjoyed doing and getting to see family. Some of the cousins hadn't gotten together since the sixties so it was much needed!

The original cousins!

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