Thursday, September 13, 2012

Utah Trip

 I had a impromptu little trip to Utah this August. Carolyn and her family were staying at our house on their way up to Utah and we were talking about her week visiting up there. She told me Mom & Dad were going to be coming down to Karli's wedding and they were planning to see her family while they were in town. The night of the 13 I got talking to Mendis and said I felt like I was going to be missing out and he said I should go up. Say no more -off I went. I was on the road the next morning so I could be there in plenty of time to make it to the reception too. I met up with Christina and Mom & Dad for lunch first at Mimi's. That afternoon we showed them Christina's classroom and decided we could help her do some organizing before we headed up to SLC. We spent a couple of hours getting some stuff done for her but we had really only scratched the surface of all she had to do since she had switched classrooms this year.
We finished up for the day and headed up to SLC for Karli's reception. It was sure fun to surprise everyone because no one expected us to be there since it was on a Tuesday. It was super fun to see the family again at least those who could make it. After the reception we got started looking at houses and decided to take Mom & Dad up to the Draper Temple and those gorgeous homes up there. When we got there we discovered they were having a parade of homes which would have been awesome to do but it was closing in 15 minutes!! So we drove around for 15 more minutes then checked out the homes and drove up and over the mountain on the way back to Orem. We headed over to the motel and played farkle with them before we called it a night. Christina needed to get some stuff at Walmart for school the next day so we ended up getting a whole bunch of stuff to fix her classroom up with. We actually spent a couple of hours shopping and deciding on stuff. Then because she was not used to getting to bed early we watched a movie while we tried to sleep. The result was we got to sleep at 3am!!

The next morning we all met at Christina's classroom and got to work. We got lots done. Mom made these adorable curtains for her.
Dad and I finished up her word wall. I left my Cricut for her to add the letters.
The BEFORE picture of her bulletin board
AFTER I got it ready for her 3 r's

Dad made her this cute vase from an idea she saw on Pinterest
 We almost worked through lunch heaven forbid but decided to head over to Zupas!! Love that place.
Kinda the finished product. Still finishing up details but it looks so cute.
It was so nice to be able to help her out and get her room closer to being ready before school started the next week. I left about 3 and had to head home. It was a fun little trip. It was nice to visit with her and Mom & Dad. Ironically we never even saw Carolyn or her kids the whole time we were there!


Jolynn said...

Fun trip! I didn't even know you did that. Christina is lucky you all were so willing to help her! Her room ended up looking super cute.

Christina said...
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Christina said...

I was so glad you guys were able to help me. Thank you so much!!