Saturday, September 22, 2012

30th Anniversary

  It's super hard for me to believe sometimes that Mendis and I have been married for 30 years now. Time has flown by but at the same time it feels like we have been married forever. We have been married longer than we were single! I look back on our wedding pictures and we look so young!
Well we were of course but still. Time has flown by. While we have enjoyed every bit of our life together we both agree we would not embrace the thought of going back and starting over. We love our life and like to look forward not wish we could change the past. Hopefully the kids have forgiven us (or will someday with enough therapy) for not being perfect parents. We learned everything the hard way. Maybe we can help them raise great kids by being perfect grandparents because it's not too late for that at least. We have an amazing family and we love each one of them so much and our struggles together have made us the team we are. Hopefully that's a good strong family that enjoys being together since that's what we are...together forever!!
Notice the black magic marker deposited by our excited 2 year olds on our first professional family portrait! Now it is cute! 1986
1991 I  think Jeff was 3

Not sure of the date but around 2001 I think.
Just before Jeff left on his mission in in the fall of 2007

 Christmas Eve 2011. Just before Hayden left for his mission we got one more family picture session in but we didn't have Rachel. We will just do it again in 2013 and then we can add baby Comeau too!!

 So we were too broke for a honeymoon. Too broke at 5th anniversary! Too pregnant at tenth anniversary (Hayden). 25th anniversary trip got cancelled as we were boarding a plane (hurricane) so for the big 30th anniversary we decided to make up for it all and take the dream trip...
A cruise to Alaska.

 Mendis surprised me with kisses and flowers on our actual anniversary, August 20! Lovely
Looking forward to 30 more!


Christina said...

Happy Anniversary!! We love you guys. Couldn't ask for better parents.

Jolynn said...

Wow, 30 years goes by fast doesn't it! I read a thought that was something like: the days go slow, but the years go fast, and ain't it the truth. Loved seeing all the family pictures over the years. What a great post! And I love Mendis's kisses arrangement!