Saturday, September 8, 2012


So right after we got back from Alaska I had something to look forward to. (I planned it that way on purpose). Me, Ashley and Alisha went to see Phantom of the Opera in Vegas. I had seen it a couple of times before but it never gets old. It was the first time for the other two. That always makes it more fun. We started the evening off with dinner. We couldn't find a restaurant that could get us out in time so we settled for the food court and just got going. Bummer

Waiting to start!

The famous chandelier!

Okay so we knew you weren't supposed to take pictures during the performance but we didn't think it would be bad to take them after.....wrong! We got yelled at. OOps now I know they mean no pictures whatsoever. Not sure what the big deal was after because we didn't hold anyone up getting out or anything. Oh well. It's hard to document something with no pictures.
We had a super fun time. I just love the music with a live orchestra. I had hoped to take Rachel too but last I knew they weren't going to make it down when I got the tickets. Wouldn't you know if I had waited until August to get the tickets I would have known she was coming after all. Darn it would have been great to have her there too.

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Christina said...

So jealous!!! I love that play. Sounds like a good time:)