Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 11 Travel Day/ McKinley Lodge

The day dawned bright and early since our suitcases had to be packed and ready for pick up by 8 am. So after a frantic morning getting ready in time we four headed over to the ever fabulous breakfast house for their buffet. Sadly the free food was over the second we left the ship though but it was still fun none the less. After the breakfast we mosied over to the lodge where we caught the bus to our next lodge. We only had about a 3 hour trip but it was good to get there any way.
 That's Mt McKinley up there in front of us. Seriously they said you can only see the mountain about 5 days a summer and we saw it 2 full days and part of another! We are so lucky!!

 The 2nd Lodge was McKinley Princess Lodge. The lodge itself was rally nice but the rooms were average. I guess that's how the other one was too.

 The complex at the lodge was pretty spread out. There were lots of little hiking paths around this lodge so we took lots of hikes around. There wasn't much else to do really since we didn't sign up for any excursions here.
 When you first get to the lodge everyone runs out to the balcony out back to see the mountain and take pictures. It's kind of fun to watch different buses come in and everyone run out there.
Just before the bus comes in..

Bus just in!!

The mountain was just beautiful of course.

 This is the mountain at 11pm. It was so pretty even then and looked totally different. It was really hard to get used to the twilight lasting for 4 hours. You just couldn't shut down and go to sleep even with blackout curtains.

 I liked the rock work at the front of the lodge.
This is the man who did the presentations we attended there at the lodge. That night there was one on World War 2 and Alaska which Shelie and I heard was fabulous but we were busy watching the Olympics opening ceremony instead! Later that evening we went to a photo symphony of the northern lights that was really fun at the lodge.

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