Friday, September 14, 2012

The "COOL" Toys

When I had my preschool years ago I invested in lots and lots of toys. Most of them were pretty incredible so I couldn't get rid of them thinking I should save them for my future grandkids to play with after my own kids out grew them. It's been a huge pain to save them all these years because we don't have much storage space. So they have been stashed in the boys closets and even the attic.
Well lately I noticed they would be perfect to bring out for Rees and Cooper. Horror of horrors the ultimate water toy had not made it. I remember throwing it out years ago because it started to leak and now that I wanted it I decided it was worth buying again. Yeah Amazon! It has changed a little bit over the years but the basic idea is the same. Not quite as good as the old one but close enough.

 Cooper thought it was more fun to annoy Rees and tip the toy and dump the water out! Rees and I had fun though. When I told Hayden that week in his email he said he was stoked the water toy was back and it better still be around when he gets home.
 So the boys had so much fun that night I decided to get out the next super toy when they came a couple of weeks ago...Marble Works...Another personal favorite of mine. Jeff climbed up in the attic for me to get it down for the boys to play with. We set it up for them and they loved it. Jeff and I loved putting it all together again. Brought back lots of memories.

Even Cooper had a mini one set up for him to play with. Notice he's is done though.
 So even with the super toys I knew they would love the other old favorite...the box.
 Luckily I saved it for them to play with since somehow I knew they would love it!
I am so excited for them to play with these toys. It makes saving them all these years worth the pain and suffering we all went through trying to store them.


Ashley said...

We did have some cool toys. I love watching my kids love them too!

Christina said...

The boys look so big! I LOVED these toys. Seriously some of the best toys ever.

Jolynn said...

We also loved marble works, and yes, I saved it for my grandkids too. I saved all the fisher-price toys and my grandkids LOVE them. My kids enjoy seeing the cash register, barn, telephone, etc. It always brings back special memories. We never had the water toy though and it looks cool.