Friday, September 28, 2012


I always think not much happens in our life but then I look back and it really adds up. August was a pretty busy month for us. The highlights: we went to Phantom of the Opera, the Leatham/Swanson Reception, had a couple days off, had Ashley & her family for dinner twice, met Carolyn & her family in St George for dinner, finished watching the Olympics, went to Utah, met our friends from Hong Kong for lunch in Moapa, had Carolyn and her kids spend the night, I got released from young women's and got a new calling, had our anniversary and had Jeff & Rachel come home. Pretty awesome!
While Jeff and Rachel were here Rachel wanted to do some shopping. Well I am always up for that!We really made the circuit that day. Of course we headed for the Galleria Mall.
That's where we met up withAshley and Benjy and their boys. 

Then after doing that for awhile I had a store credit to spend at Ross.
At some point in the day we got hungry so we all headed to the buffet at the Sunset station so we could all get what we wanted. Diet buster.
We came out from lunch and discovered it was raining. Evidently it had been pouring because we practically had to wade through a river to get to the car in the parking lot. Then as we were driving to Ashley's house it let loose again. What a downpour and then dry a few miles down the road. Crazy. We visited them at their house for awhile and got eh grand tour. I can't remember if we did more shopping or came home at this point? But I do know we hit subway on the way home to take back for dinner. One of my favorite tricks.
After we had our gourmet subway sandwich dinner at home we headed to the football game up at the high school. It's been awhile since I have done that.
The next day they went hiking and four wheeling. We watched about a hundred football games that weekend on tv and then we had Charlie & Alisha and Ashley's family over for dinner.

This is when we got out the cool toys because Jeff went up into the attic for me and got them down, thanks Jeff! That night we celebrated Rachel's 20th birthday.
Jeff lucked out and got his present from Charlie & Alisha too since they won't be seeing him in October. It was such a fun weekend. We watched our Alaska video and lots of football. What a combo huh.  Ashley and Benjy left that night with Cooper hollering goodbye all the way down the road...awesome. 
After church the next day Jeff and Rachel had to hit the road. We look forward to the next visit.
It was a pretty awesome month. It was screamin hot but that's just August around here.

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