Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a fun Easter this year.Once again it was touch and go with the schedules but we got together and had a fun evening. It's always so great to get together with family. We had Charlie & Alisha and Rob & Beth and all their kids over. We had a yummy ham and turkey dinner that was fabulous as always. We so enjoyed just visiting for hours.

Probably the highlight was our traditional Easter Egg hunt. Everyone knows that Hayden gets a little excited and competitive about things and since this was his last Easter Egg hunt before his mission he was in rare form. It was dark by the time we got around to doing it so we locked the kids in the "condo" while Beth and Alisha and I hid the eggs inside the house. We set a few ground rules and then turned them loose:
Look out everyone here they come. Thank goodness Hayden didn't mow anyone over on the way out the door.
We were very thorough. We also had a ton of eggs between us so we hid them everywhere.
OK I might have gotten a little too creative with this but I couldn't resist. (It was empty)
It was fun grossing Hayden out at least. He didn't see that coming.
I took great delight in hiding alot of eggs nice and high so we could watch their creative little selves get at them.
OOps Hayden got so excited he bowled Cymoni over on the way to an egg.
At least he helped her up after he flattened her.
I did hide a few eggs up there and I was surprised he looked!
This was incredible...Hayden found an iTunes card from Christmas wedged under the couch cushion!! Finders keepers I guess.
The hunt goes on...
We got a pic of the cousins exhausted from the excitement and ready for more.

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Jolynn said...

That looks so fun! I'm glad the "big kids" aren't too cool to still hunt for Easter eggs.