Monday, April 25, 2011

The Eagle Has Landed


Well we finally have this wrapped up. Hayden got his eagle badge done clear back in August before his birthday. Here he is posing by part of his project. Nice metal roof!
Then he had the paperwork to slog through. Believe me that wasn't without it's challenges. We thought it was rough going just to get it approved but the wrap up was absolutely ridiculous. Once we got it through the stake it was clear sailing to get it through the office in Vegas thank goodness because he didn't have that much time left by then. So it was official after Christmas but by then Jeff was gone back to school so we decided to wait to have his court of honor until Jeff could be there. It finally dawned on me about a week before Jeff came home for spring break that we had a court of honor to plan. We knew we wanted it simple but we also knew we wanted it nice. Uncle Charlie insisted on bringing his way cool enormous flag which was incredible. Such alot of work but it looked way cool. Thanks Chuck! I got the honor of pinning his Eagle Badge on. {Probably because I was the only one who had seen in the book exactly how it was supposed to go}. I will take it.
Elwin Brown getting his Mentor pin. What an awesome scout leader he has been for both our boys. He got word that his niece had lost her baby just before the court of honor but stayed until it was over just for Hayden. That family is always sacrificing for everyone else. We just think the world of them.

Here's Hayden's Eagle Nest. Pretty awesome group of guys huh.

Very cool pic- ALL Eagle Scouts and Pre-Missionaries!

The Fam. Ashley and Benjy couldn't make it but we know they wanted to be here for this.

Grandpa & Grandma always so supportive. They make it to darn near everything. They are amazing and we love them.

I love this picture.
This had to be the highlight of the show. Travis Rust is always trying to get kids to wrestle with him so he finally wore Ray Ray down. It didn't take Ray Ray too long to mop the floor up with him though! I thought I'd die laughing it was so fun to watch. Those two really worked up a sweat. Mendis was so bummed that he missed it because he had to run off to a meeting. They will have to do it all over again someday for him!


Michele and Todd said...

Congratulations to Hayden on getting his eagle.

Vicki said...

Yay for him!!(did you just swear?!)

Jolynn said...

Isn't it such a relief to have that all done??? We feel so bad that we had to miss Hayden's Court of Honor, but it looks like everything went very well. Congrats to Hayden!