Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scrapbooking Retreat Baby!

We were beginning to think this was going to never happen this year but we were finally able to pull off the 4th annual scrapbooking retreat at Patty's cabin. The three of us have such different schedules it was almost impossible to arrange. We picked the one weekend until Oct that would work and made it happen. Sorry your eyes are closed in the photo Patty but until someone gives me a copy of theirs this is the best I can do.
As you can see the snow fell the whole weekend. It was so fun for me and Jolynn to visit the snow but Patty didn't find it near as enjoyable. So we pretty much hunkered down and scrapbooked the whole time. We did venture out across the street for our dinner at Milt's one night though and one brief afternoon we came down from the mountain for a lunch and more supplies (scrapbooking stuff).

We look so forward to this little outing every year and hope the tradition lasts for years and years to come.We even got lots and lots of pages done too. Oh and I only gained 1 pound with all the chocolate so it was a great success.


Vicki said...

Oh my goodness. This place is gorgeous with all the snow! What a nice getaway for you.

Jolynn said...

We had the best time didn't we? I also hope the tradition continues for many many more years! I'm so blessed to have such good friends as you and Patty!

Michele and Todd said...

Scrapbooking getaways are the best. i have been doing it twice a year since 1967. We used to go to Pine Valley, but now we go all the way to Fairview, Utah. In may there will be
eight of us.