Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break

I can't believe spring break is finally here and in fact coming to an end. We started the festivities before hand actually with Ashley and her family coming down for the fair Wed - Fri. {Refer to previous post}. I of course left Thursday night for my scrapbooking retreat {Refer to previous post...again}. Friday Jeff travelled through snow to arrive home for his semester break from Idaho. He made it to the fair briefly. Christina then travelled through more snow again to arrive Saturday for her spring break. She hit the fair also with a friend from Vegas and got in a little of the rodeo too until they froze to death. So I arrived home Sunday to a houseful! Sounds bad but it was fun really.

We saw lots of Jeff's friends the following week while he was home which was just like old times. We even got to meet Michael who Jeff was mission companions with and pals around with at Idaho. We watched lots of movies and ate lots of junk which is why I am on a diet today. We had Hayden's Eagle Court of Honor {Post coming}. We did some much needed yard work. Finished planting the garden. Saw my cousin in St George while getting Christina's car serviced, went shopping and even fit in a couple of track meets. I worked mornings and took every single afternoon off to be with my kids. Heavenly. I introduced both Christina and Alisha to "Lark Rise to Candleford" on 2 separate occasions. Probably one of my favorite shows! All this was before our spring break officially started.

This week is much quieter. Kind of boring I guess after last week. Hayden went to California with his pals for a couple of days. I have been gardening and painting the shed and cleaning my house and mucking out closets and finished our taxes and got them off (owed $ ugh) and scrapbooking and helping plan prom and dieting and went to a wedding (Congrats Malissa) and went to a baby shower and went to an awesome band concert...ahhh love spring break!!

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Jolynn said...

I have to get on this diet with you!!! I fear I gained horribly while on my little spring break get away. Sounds like you had a nice week with all your chillins!