Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fair Time

So we finally got Rees to the Fair! It's too bad the weather was so stinky. It was super windy with 50 mph winds and gusts that I thought might drop all the tents at any moment. The only day I had to do the fair was Thursday because I left that 1st night at 7pm to go to my scrapbooking weekend. We had fun walking around and sometimes running from building to building.
We spent alot of time in tents because of the wind. The only way we could pull that off was because the carnival hadn't opened yet. Since this was his first time Rees wasn't freaking out about the rides because he didn't even know they existed yet.

So this is a classic picture in the fine arts building. Let's just assume here that he is getting all the sand from the storm out of his nose!!

Cooper spent most of the day asleep under his blanket tent in the stroller to escape the nasty weather. He emerged occasionally to pose for us:

Before it got too windy Rees got to do the little kids games. Very cute this year. Oh look we found a little kid running around the fair to play with him:
A hole in one!!

Dinner was fun. The best part was watching Rees having a good time of course. He's always been a fan of music:

Rees loved the carnival the best of course.

He just went up and down the line of kiddie rides just like our kids used to do.
What fun. Hopefully next time they make it down to the fair the weather will be better.


Vicki said...

Pretty stinky weather...but the kids seems to have fun no matter what. Cute picture of Rees and Hayden peaking in.

Jolynn said...

Ashley's two boys are so cute, and it looks like you had a good time, even with the rotten weather. I'm glad you got to go with them before we deserted!