Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Farewell to BBall

We just had our Basketball awards dinner at the High School. Pretty bitter sweet really. While it was nice to hear so many great things said about our players and celebrate the state championship together it was the end of Hayden's High School basketball career. The team room has their lockers where their names have been painted and their achievements will remain. Coach Larsen did give all the seniors their name plates that were removable for them to keep. They are really pretty cool. Here is Hayden getting his:Hayden giving a thank you present to Coach Larsen for all his hard work this season. Well really for the last 3 years!
Hayden and Josh (LJT) really tore it up this year. We are so proud of the both of them. They both had a phenominal season and the best part is they are really great guys too. They were both All-State and Josh was the Player of the Game for the State Game with Hayden right behind him in votes too. They have been friends since Kindergarten. We were hoping Josh would go to Dixie but dang it he got a better deal with Central Arizona. Well you can't blame him since you have to go with the best scholarship.
I was hoping to get a picture of all the seniors but I was too slow so I got one with most of them anyway. What a great group they are. They've had a blast playing together for the last 13 years!

Good Luck Guys: LJT, Kelan, Casen, Hadyen, Riley...missed Geoff (Speedy), Danny and Milas!

Many thanks to Dallas Larsen. Not only was he a great coach but a great friend to Hayden over the years. He will miss Senior Larsen for sure. Whew what a great year!

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Vicki said...

High school goes by so fast, without these kids even realizing it. I'm sure he will play plenty of pick up ball in his life. I, for one, will miss seeing him on the court. (Those calves!) Ha