Monday, March 21, 2011


Well this is a new experience for us. Hayden is doing Track this Spring not baseball. It was hard for him because all his friends have gone to track. He wanted to hang with his friends and have a little fun. The track coach convinced him that he could turn him into a high jump star so he switched. He has had 2 meets so far and so far so good. He's not embarrassed himself yet.
Coach Hickman entered him in lots of events. He had him pretty busy. He did long jump. He did high jump.
He did triple jump and ....wait for it...he ran. The boy who has been told for years that he is a slow runner ran the relay (4x100) and the 100 M dash. He was NOT the last in the 100m dash either.He actually passed a kid in the relay.

That was a blast to watch all the kids run. The hurdles still kill me just to watch. The whole day was fun even though it was 57 degrees with nasty winds. Our first track meet and his 2nd was pretty good. I didn't even have time between events to get bored or get out my book. This was supposed to be a slow day, ha.

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Vicki said...

Welcome to track! If Tibi gets her rear in gear, we'll be watching both track AND baseball.
You'd think with those long legs of Hayden's, he'd be made for sprinting. Seems he can sprint pretty fast on a basketball court :) (actually, that would really be a long distance pace...) His high jump looks great!