Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Free Room

For years now we have owned a Marriott Timeshare in Newport Ca. We have never actually stayed there since we keep trading it away but that is another story. Well My sister bought the same timeshare and got a much better run down on the perks and things you can get with it. We got our Marriott Visa but she got the Black Marriott Visa card since she knew about these things. After a year or so I heard about the black card and got one too since it comes with a free room annually. Well I got this card years ago...at least 4 I am guessing and never once did I get my free room. It was always in the back of my mind but I never thought about it when I was home or near a phone or bla bla bla. Needless to say I never did anything about it.

About 6 months ago I finally called and did something about it! Well these so called free rooms had just been expiring because I didn't know how to access them and when I called one had just expired 1 week before. So I pitched a fit and she renewed that 1 expired room and got me started on how do redeem these "Free Rooms". Well the renewed room was set to expire again May 2 so we needed to hurry and use it. We decided to go to the Temple and stay in Vegas last Friday to use up this room. I told them I didn't care where we stayed but if all things were equal I wanted the nicest Marriott in Vegas. They got us a king room at the J W Marriott in Summerlin. Unfortunately when we checked in there were no King rooms available. SO once again I was bummed. I must have looked pretty disappointed because the girl said to give her a second then asked if it was ok if she upgraded us to the King 1 Bedroom Suite.....ok...are you kidding!
Can I just say It was gorgeous ...The living room that is accessed by walking down a long marble hall. There was a bar of course with a hand hammered brass sink. For once there was even chamomile tea in the drink assortment. Too bad you can't see the balcony behind the dining room set.
The entertainment center was huge.
The bedroom was enormous. Hard to tell from the pics. Also balcony that you can't see.

This is a portion of the bathroom. All marble with a fun marble inset medallion in the floor that I cut off in the pic of course.

Needless to say we got our money's worth on this deal. Finally!


Vicki said...

I'm not sure I'd know what to do in a place like that! Pretty nice...pretty nice.

Vicki said...

Oh...and WOW! I'm thinkin' Hayden could be the next Justin Timberlake (unless he decides to go to college and play football instead..:)

Ashley said...

HA, Dad looks so tiny in the picture where he is next to the massive bed. lol.

Jolynn said...

Totally fabulous! Did you just feel like celebrities??