Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The locker at the Back Door

Since there is only a couple weeks until graduation I feel it is time to come clean. Time to blow the whistle on Hayden. While he is a great guy he does have a fault or two. This one in particular is worth mentioning. I know in a couple of months it will be gone so we'll call this "Ode to the locker at the back door." Hayden (Pretty much all my kids did this)loves to come home and dump everything. Each child has had his or her favorite spot over the years. Hayden's seems to be the back door. Heaven help us if we should have to use that door in a hurry because it can be quite a mountain back there at times. Yup we'll miss seeing all this by the end of the summer. Until then we hope we never have a fire or anything that means we need to get out in a hurry!

1 comment:

Vicki said...

Are all boys like this?! Landon doesn't even make it past the front door...."thank you buddy, I guess your legs don't work anymore"
Gotta love them, and yes, we will miss it...