Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Prom

We had our last Prom in our family this past weekend. Just to keep things interesting there was lots of drama. There were girls bugging Hayden's car to see who he was going to ask, girls making nasty comments, boys getting discouraged, parents getting upset...what a mess.
In order to get more senior girls a date some of the boys switched dates and moved things around and on it went.
SO very long story short Hayden's date was Shannon Tuttle. He was excited to take her because he knew she would be fun and they have been friends for years.

After the date situation got resolved and organized the next hurdle was the enormous group. These boys all wanted to be together and so their group was 18 couples or 36 kids!! It made some things almost impossible to organize but they would not be separated. (We tried) Some of them had gotten together and started planning an Amazing Race patterned after the TV show. Somehow I got volunteered because according to Hayden "I love these things" (refer to the Amazing Race post).Here they are starting the race. There were a few problems naturally. These kids ran the race like their lives hung on the balance. They just flew through their tasks! They were so far ahead of schedule that they killed the schedule. So we had problems keeping up with them. We had stations un-manned at the last minute and lunch wasn't ready when they were told. Kind of discouraging to see things not go according to plan because I am one who lives and dies by the plan. Well what can you do. After lunch I turned them over to Adventure Glide. They had wanted to zipline and climb a rock wall so I found them one. Last minute the county didn't have the zipline permitted yet so that was out so I subbed in a rapelle which I thought they would enjoy.
The wind kicked up nicely that day so the 140' rapelle was cut down to about 100' which didn't hurt my feelings any. The disaster part ...trying to get 36 kids through a rapelle of that size, well any size. I was originally told 6 man crew 3 lines etc and there was 1 line with 2 guys running it. They got those kids through as fast as they could but it took hours. Apparently with the wind they couldn't have run more than 1 line anyway.
They were so sick of waiting around for their turn in the heat that I am not so sure they even enjoyed the rock climbing wall or the paintball. The damage was done. Seriously 36 kids...NEVER again!
They had dinner planned at the Fun & Sun that was decorated nicely by Rhonda Pulsipher. Once again we tried to run 36+ kids through pictures and wouldn't you know it we ran out of daylight. Here is a pic of Hayden and Shannon Tuttle. She was so beautiful. I have to say the parade of gowns was incredible. Seriously gorgeous gowns that certainly couldn't be called just dresses! These kids clean up nicely.
There were actually 2 more couples that joined them for dinner too. The dinner was fabulous though. Hayden raved about it all. The Staley's put on quite a spread. They were served by some cute little cousins and friends.

The boys and their GQ pose.
After the dance they all headed over to the man pad where they enjoyed an ice cream buffet and a movie. Thanks so much to all the parents who helped put this all together. After my melt down Sunday night I can say it was fun and I think the kids all had fun too

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