Saturday, March 14, 2015

Scrap Camp 2015

One of the best weekends ever is our annual Scrap Camp at Patty's cabin. There's nothing like ditching out on responsibilities and chores and heading up to Utah for a fun filled getaway. We just kick back and relax and do what we want. It's taken on a life of its own over the years and evolved into such a treat we wouldn't ever want to miss out on it.
Picking the date is the worst part. It's a miracle we ever can do this with our crazy schedules that never ever want to line up. We left late Wednesday night this year so we could be back Saturday night. That way Jolynn didn't have to miss another Sunday at church. Getting there is such a chore because we have so much to do to get out of here. We all have busy lives and we have alot of packing of scrap crap to take. Once we get there it's worth the hassle.
 The amazing part is you might be able to tell by the mess we really do accomplish a ton of scrapbooking. Every year we each bring up a scrapbook challenge for us all to do in an hour and that's rally fun and stressful too. We scrap and scrap, pausing to eat and sleep a little. We always have one dinner at Milt's across the street and we each bring up a dinner so we don't have to stop and prepare meals too. We also went and did laps at the pool Friday morning which was a new thing for us. Patty and Paco have been walking the lazy river in the mornings so we gave it a whirl. Very refreshing.
This year was a first though. We played a movie while we scrapped. What did we pick? Well Jolynn had never seen the newest Pride & Predjudise so what choice did we have. It's my new favorite version even though we debated it for quite awhile.
Friday night we opted for another new adventure we hadn't done before either. We put our stuff down for a bit and went to a movie. We went to the new Cinderella which was just wonderful. Then we had movie popcorn to munch on all the next day before we had to pack up and go home. :(

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