Monday, March 30, 2015


Finally we got down to the Caribbean! It took awhile for the ship to dock and let us off. Actually getting off was a huge fiasco over towels etc. Big line, no fun. But we were excited to be there. Our first port!

We were greeted on the dock by this band. They sang and danced the whole time for tips.
 We looked for Jerry Lewis, Joan said he was the best driver, but we couldn't find him and just hired another tour guide to take us around the island.
We went in his rattle trap van and he took us around to everything there was to see.

 Our first and most fun stop was a petting zoo. this was definitely a new experience for all of us. They had quite a collection of unique animals and birds.
 Yes the monkey on the head was a bit creepy but we just concentrated on how cool it was overall.
 The birds were also a bit freaky to be carrying around on your shoulders and head but also fun.

 Mine kept pecking on my new Maui Jim's...not cool. But I was afraid to tick him off.
 There was a toucan and lots of other exotic parrots and birds.
 I can't remember what these critters were called but you could pet them and they were soft and course at the same time. And pretty cute too.
 He drove us all around and we saw some beautiful resorts. We also saw some real poverty all around us.
We were not too excited about the road blocks with the armed police either. They looked like young kids armed with their AR-15s. We had to keep stopping so they could see who was in the van.
 A gorgeous view up here but of course we had to drive through the poverty to get up there. It was so sad to me because I am sure we didn't see the worst of it. Overall we weren't that excited about Roatan. We were glad we saw it but we feel like we can cross it off our list and be done. If we came back to stay in one of their posh resorts that would be fun but I don't think we would ever step foot outside the resort especially alone. They did some lovely mahogany wood items and great cashews though!

A cashew tree. Very interesting. It's a major crop for them here.
 Alot of the houses are built up on stilts even on high ground but that is for air circulation to keep their homes cooler. Kinda cool. ahahha
Our towel friend that night.
  After another fabulous dinner we headed over to the production show "Broadway Rhythm & Rhyme"

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