Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sail Away

We ended up taking a different shuttle from everyone else but we all got there at the same time. We even stopped at Target because the lady with us wanted some wine for her cruise. She told me about non drowsy Dramamine so I ran in and got some just in case then it was off to the dock. Hello Vision of the Seas!

 Bon Voyage
The view from our balcony
 The other ship beside us, Brilliance of the Seas left first and we followed behind.
 There was a very long channel to go through before we even got to the very large bay. It took about three hours before we got to the bridge which was the start of open water! We missed the going under the bridge though because we were at dinner by then darn it.

 This was the strangest thing. We were escorted the whole way by a machine gun armed coast guard boat. He really meant business too because if any boat came close to us they and a sheriff boat were right there sirens blazing.
 While we waited to get into our rooms we visited and enjoyed the ship. 
So here's a little tour of the Vision of the Seas:
The adults only solarium. We loved this place although it got very hot during the days. They had a great little snack shop there that we frequented every night before bed and lots during the days too.

 The Windjammer Buffet

The Theater
The Atrium which really was the hub of this ship and the whole cruise really.

Our first of many memorable meals together!
The creme brulle was to die for.
After dinner we walked around the deck or watched the guys hang out on the deck alot. We went to the welcome aboard comedy show that night too.

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