Friday, March 27, 2015

Our Cruise!

Finally after months and months of planning it was spring break and time for our cruise to the Caribbean. We went with the Keels and the Jensens. We asked pretty much everyone if they wanted to come but just ended up with our faithful few. We all flew together Friday 3/27 to Tampa.
 On our way to the airport. We were hoping to get in on the free parking deal at the bus station but there was only room for the Keel's car so we parked at the long term lot and all met up at the check in counter.
We hungout at the airport and then boarded our flight to Tampa. It was nonstop and it went by pretty fast. Mostly because we were so tired from the last minute rush and chaos of getting going! We got to our hotel late that night and made our arrangements to get to the dock the next morning. Let's light this candle!

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