Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March Happenings

We started our month with a trip to the Winn buffet with Ashley & Benjy. I owed Benjy a big thank you for making my shelves in the closet so off we went. They had never been before and we love introducing people to that food wonderland lol.

 A big event was the Relief Society Birthday dinner I had to do. I think it turned out really good. It was so cute I should have taken pictures. Shelie and I took the day off to cook and get ready. We made pulled pork sliders, coleslaw, beans, potato salad and super cute strawberry shortcakes in mason jars for dessert. When the ladies came in they got their pictures taken with cute props and then helped themselves to a trail mix bar. I found the most adorable mini red solo cups for that. Then we had decorated with every one's quilts all around the room so they walked around with their trail mix and judged the quilts. I won! lol Then we played fun minute to win it games. It was a great evening that turned out fabulously even though it was alot of work.

Mendis had Creda meetings in SLC so I helped Alisha get ready for Ali's wedding while he was gone. We had financial planning meetings and regular appointments going on. On March 21 we went to Hayden's last football scrimmage. He had just decided recently to leave football. It was time for him to focus on school. Now he would have time for a job and internships and his wife. A wise move but a hard one for him.

We had visiting teaching and home teaching, family home evenings, hair appointments, three birthdays (Benjy, Charlie and Alisha). I had a baby shower to attend. I had a couple of trips to Vegas mostly getting gifts, groceries and getting ready for our cruise at the end of the month. Baseball season started so we had coach pitch for Rees and Tball for Cooper (finally) to watch. It just the cutest thing watching those little boys play ball. So March was busy as usual so we were ready for our vacation at the end of the month for sure.

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