Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wedding Prep

It was time to get it going for the wedding! The fall went by so fast. 
I spent most of the fall working on their quilts:
I can't believe I wasn't bright enough to take more pictures of them than this. Three months of work and I don't take pictures?? Well Hayden's was a nice tshirt quilt that turned out pretty good too. This pic is the semi-finished version of their big nice one. I spent the fall looking for a dress for the wedding and then looking for a cami that would match and also shoes. Never did get the shoes but too late now!
Dragging the dress around for color matching

It was time to get the stuff to make Megan's cream cake.
We had decorations to do for the shower (thanks Alisha)
The night Megan went through the Temple we all ate at Chuck A Rama where we could all fit and that's where we gave them their wedding present.
They needed it early since it was tickets and gift cards for them to pack for their honeymoon.

The next step was to get Jeff & Rachel here from Washington DC!

Everyone is here and ready to get the show on the road. Next step the Bridal Shower!

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