Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Wedding

 Dec 20, 2014 the big day is finally here. Everything was ready to go. We met Megan's grandmother's best friend in the Temple and she was the one assigned to get us all to the sealing room together that morning. The sealing was performed by an amazing sealer. I think he was in the Temple Presidency. He was so insightful that I wish I could have written everything down because of course now I can't remember so much of what he told them. The numbers all worked out and we only had a few men standing. It's funny how that stuff seems to work itself out in the end. There was only one disaster. Who forgets to bring their cameras to their kids wedding? Apparently we do. So cell phones was it for us for the day!
They looked very happy

Our selfie as we headed over to the steps for pictures

You have to find Jeff's awesome pose in this picture!

Us Coopers-What a great lookin bunch!

Add in the spouses and child and it just gets better
Meg & the guys
Megan and "the girls"
Hayden and pals

The happy couple and grandparents
Leavitts & Coopers

Just a few pictures from around the Temple. Way to many gorgeous pictures to choose any favorites! It was a beautiful day followed by lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings for our family. Before the dinner we had time to get the cake ready for the flowers and help where we could.

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