Tuesday, December 30, 2014

THE Fun stuff

We did alot of really fun stuff during our Christmas holiday with the kids. We did puzzles together:

 And I found the missing piece 5 months later.
 Probably one of the most memorable things was our Harry Potter Marathon. I have always wanted to see them all in a row. It took two days and we finally did it. First we made a ton of sandwich fixins so we could help ourselves all day and not have to cook. Time well spent.
 Then when we got to the 5th one the DVD case was empty!! So we streamed it online on the TV. That was terrible and took us twice as long because it just didn't want to work for more than a few minutes at a time.
 Yup we even put blankets up in the windows so it would help block the glare.

We went to Vegas a couple of times over the two weeks of break. Grandpa and Grandma Davy came back a few days after Christmas and spent some time with us too. For New Years Eve we went up to St George and went to the Chinese buffet for dinner with the Leavitts and all of us. Then we went to a movie together. We went to Intersellar. Not my favorite movie but not too bad. The time was flying by so fast even after the wedding. When it was time to take Jeff and Rachel to the airport it was a sad day. Our time together went by so fast.

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