Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always a big day around here. The first thing we did was cancel the gingerbread house extravaganza. We just had way too much going on and that was fine by me. It will make next year more fun. The main event of the day was blowing up the wedding cake and our nerf war. So we didn't get rid of tradition all together! Hayden & Megan came home from their honeymoon for the event and to spend the night with us and open presents the next day before going back to Vegas,
It looked pretty good still to start.

 It would have been alot more fun if it hadn't been so dang cold out there. We about froze to death.

Making a good impression lol

 So after the blowing up of the cake we headed out for the second event which was our nerf war. We had such a fun time blasting each other. You weren't supposed to hit anyone in the face but even that rule might have gotten broken a bit. We played capture the flag with the nerf guns too and we loved that.
There was no time to stop and take pictures so we don't have many. After our nerf war we headed back to the house and had our traditional taco feast. Lots of food, great company and a great night. We even managed to fit in some carols around the piano later on.

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