Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Cake

 I have kinda gotten into a tradition these days. Years ago I used to made wedding cakes by the score it seemed. I retired from that stress because it seemed like weddings were always on holidays and I didn't want to be always tied up with cakes. So it's been about 15 years since I really was doing it. Ashley asked me to do her wedding cake 10 years ago and then Jeff just 3 years ago so I offered to do Hayden's. How can you do some of your kids but not all right? It was kinda my thing, my contribution and I thought it made the cake a special thing. So Megan had a dream cake in mind and I have to admit I was pretty excited. Pretty simple!! Well the pictures always look simple but really this one was:
The inspiration

My first ever boo boo :(  
 Luckily it was my last layer and luckily all I had to do to fix it was make a new layer. It just went flying right out of my hand. I have to brag here that I didn't even say a bad word or cry! Notice the blush color of the cake. My little surprise for Megan for when they cut the cake.

 So the frosted layers are ready for their trip to Santa Clara. I loaded up the cake and made the drive the back way over the mountain at 6am so I had less traffic to deal with which equals less braking and a better chance of getting there in one piece or in this case two pieces lol.
The worst part is the drive followed by the carrying in of the cake and setting it up!

 I think it turned out pretty good. I really love the style even though I didn't think I ever would. Add flower and it is instant beauty and no nasty string work etc!
A little girl enjoyed the frosting in the back haha.
 Time for the cutting. Those two are the smash it into your face types and they enjoyed doing that I think.

I told them they couldn't serve it because it wasn't going to be soft and fresh by that night so this was all that was eaten.
So after the reception we packed it all up and took it home to await the ceremonial cake shooting tradition that was to come! Yup we shoot the cake with real guns and have a blast together. That is also a wedding cake tradition in our family because what else are you going to do with the darn thing. (Separate post coming)
I'm so glad the tradition lives on and the Leavitt's were okay with me making the cake for them. they were so kind and offered many times to relieve me of the pressure but it all turned out great.

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