Friday, December 19, 2014

Bridal Shower for Megan

 Welcome to the Family! 
That was our message to Megan for this party. We had all planned and planned this fall to make this a special day for Megan and her family and to welcome her into the Cooper Clan. Ashley spent about every waking minute on her silloutte getting things cut and assembled and ready to go for months!
The theme ended up being "He put a ring on it"
Rachel made the popcorn drizzled in pink and mint for the favors. The toppers said "He put a ring on it" and they were so adorable not to mention yummy!!

Our come in door decoration
Even the walkway got decorated for the big night.

I made a shower game of he said, she said on a video for us to play. There was also a background video playing with a bunch of their pictures on it. I didn't put any bridals on there so we could save all those for their wedding video.

The game prizes were a huge assortment of rings
The food always has to be top notch so Rachel Nettles helped us make these pistachio parfaits. She was a great help that day decorating and getting everything put together.
The buffet is ready to go! There were dips and soup and salad and cupcakes and cookies and just way to much to choose from!


Instead of pin the tail on the donkey there was put a ring on the groom!

 After lots of planning and prep it was time for the fun to begin!
We played a fun game that Christina put together of Romantic movie quotes. Only problem was we didn't have the key!!
Here we are "cheating" by looking up the answers as fast as we could when we realized the problem. Of course we got busted but that's ok.
 Opening presents took awhile but is always a favorite.
Thanks to all my girls for doing this for Megan. It was a wonderful night and I know it got stressful at times. It was the night before the wedding and we were ready for the big day tomorrow.

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