Friday, November 1, 2013


      Ashley brought the kids out for Halloween. Benjy had to work and Mendis was out of town so it worked out to do this together in Overton. It was an early out day at work so that worked out well. We spent lots of time watching the old Halloween videos I have. Funny thing is Ashley and I enjoy them more than the kids do! After we got the kids all dressed up we hit the OPD Halloween party. The OPD kids got to trick or treat around the office. It was so cute. I enjoyed visiting with everyone and the boys loved it. Shannon and Lexie joined us so it was a real party. The kids cleaned up and could have been done except it wasn't even dark yet.
We headed to the Hinckley chapel so Alisha and Charlie could see the kids before we headed home for our traditional hot dog and chili dinner.

     Our ward didn't have a trunk or treat this year so we opted to do a few neighborhood homes. I was going to just keep the home fires burning with Dane while Ashley took the boys around the trailer park but we decided what the heck no one was coming anyway. I left a bowl of candy on the doorstep and off we went. We drove to Robbin Lane and walked the kids around. Correction Cooper ran most of the way. He was so excited. He didn't even care when he did a face plant once. They were pretty cute and had such a great time trick or treating.
  Cooper had most of his candy gone before the even pulled out of the driveway to head home that night.
Dane rockin the skeleton costume that has been handed down to each boy!

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