Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My New Favorite Author

So Alisha & Terri told me about some books I was missing out on during the fall. We actually went to see Austenland together for a girls day out and we talked books and movies all day. (So fun) They told me about Julianne Donaldson and Sarah M Eden. Both are young LDS authors who write clean regency romance novels. Besides a good Agatha Christie those are my favorite! So I bought Edenbrooke and Blackmoore and decided I had found my new favorite author...Julianne Donaldson is Amazing!!! I completely love her. Since she only has the two books I had to move on to Sarah M Eden and guess what....she is pretty darn amazing too. So ya I spent a bit more than usual (ahmmm) on amazon kindle books that month but I have to say it was money well spent. Serious if you are looking for a great read try these ladies. Blackmore is now tied with the Princess Bride as my all time favorite.
Julianne & Me
 When we went up to Utah for conference weekend I found out that Julianne Donaldson was going to be at Deseret Book for ladies night. We managed to throw Mendis in the car and Christina and I went up to meet her. It was awesome. I bought all the Edenbrooke's she had to sign and a bunch of Blackmoore too. I decided that's what everyone was getting for Christmas and birthdays this year. 
Sarah, Alisha, Me & Ashley
 After a few weeks Sarah M Eden and Julianne Donaldson were coming to Vegas for a book signing so Alisha and I drove in and met up with Ashley. We were pretty sad to find out Julianne was ill with morning sickness and unable to attend so she had given Sarah permission to sign her books for her. Of course I had a bunch more books to sign so my friends and family got the cool books signed by Sarah for Julianne. How cool is that. It was so fun to meet both these ladies and tell them how much we loved their books. The only bad part is I had to get both kindle and hard copies of their books so they could be signed. Oh well sacrifices must be made!!

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