Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Summer Sleep Over

 I need to update here before I forget all the details of the last few months! I have some fun pictures of the boys from our sleepover. These are from when we had them a few days before school even started. Mendis got the old plane out that he used to fly with our boys. Well he got out what was left of it after sitting in the garage for about ten years or so. Rees and Cooper loved it. In fact we let them love it to death. We figured we would just throw away what was left of it when they finished having fun with it.

 They had a ball with it and it entertained them forever. They couldn't quite pump it up by themselves but they still wanted to try.

 We made necklaces out of candy and cereal. Cooper ate all his before I could finish it up and tie it around his neck! Rees enjoyed talking about it mostly and kept forgetting to keep working. It was hilarious.
We did ziplock finger painting while they were here. The idea is to put paint in the bags that are taped to the table and see what color you get when you mix them together. I was definitely more entertained by this one. I really quite enjoyed it and in fact so did every adult that saw it. The kids not so much as I would have thought. We played with the water toys and books and sand toys and you name it while they were here.

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