Friday, November 15, 2013

Veteran's Day/ Mendis' BDay

Nov 11 is always a special day around here. It always starts with egg on toast and grape juice for breakfast and then it's down to Mendis' parade. We had all the usual cast of characters in attendance but for the first time in memory Mendis' parents couldn't make it:
The weather was perfect this year!

The flyover is always a hit especially with the grandkids.

Dane is chillin

The boys cleaned up in the candy department. Ashley was so smart saving a bunch of it for Reeses birthday pinyata because they was so much. We had lunch and Ashley & Benjy swished pomegranates all afternoon while Mendis worked outside in the yard. For some reason that's his idea of a good time on his birthday. Tacos for dinner is always on the birthday menu too.

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