Friday, November 29, 2013

Furniture Fiasco!

We decided that since our couches had holes worn through them it might be time for a furniture upgrade. Seriously the grandkids loved poking their little fingers through the holes but not so much the rest of us. I went shopping the end of October and picked out some new couches. This was harder for me than it sounds because I tend to agonize over these kinds of decisions and then pick the wrong thing after all is said and done anyway. So this time I was smart enough to plop on them and lie down etc in the showroom while I was trying to decide. These ones were the winners. But come to find out they were back ordered. I find this out after the delivery date was arranged etc. So the first delivery date came two weeks later and still no couches. Then the second date two weeks later and still  no couches. Finally just minutes before Thanksgiving and a house full of company they got here. I should have taken a picture of the room with just our two rockers that we used for a month because it was quite hilarious looking back. Since it didn't seem so funny at the time there are no pictures.

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