Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

What a fun Thanksgiving! We had G & G Cooper here and Stacey & Terri's family came down. Ashley & Benjy were here along with Christina. Jeff & Rachel were in Utah with Rachel's family this year. The weather was so nice we decided to eat outside and enjoy it. It was so nice to have a place where we could all fit and even spread out. Everyone helped bring the food so we had a huge feast...
2 turkeys and a ham

Rees playing with his birthday present from us. Cooper is lots of help.

Dane was cruising all over.

Terri had the sniffles so she took extra precautions so Grandpa Cooper wouldn't get sick.
Can you believe the feast!

Of course the best part of Thanksgiving is NOT the dishes.

Cooper supervising the whipping of the cream for the pies.

He was just ready to get the pie fest started.

So many pies so little room!

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