Thursday, September 23, 2010

SHHHhh Don't Tell Jeff.

While Rees was here I decided it was time to break out the lincoln logs (one of my favorite toys). Imagine my surprise when there were no logs in there but all Jeff and Hayden's army men. They have lovingly collected them over the years from Gettsburg to Williamsburg. Well that little treasure had to be shared so I snuck them out for us to play with.
Okay I confess a wheel did come off a cannon so I immediately packed those precious little toys up and the party was over. It was an accident really. Rees was really careful but got just a bit carried away. Hayden about had a heart attack so I know Jeff will flip. Apparently they are saving them for their boys...not nephews.

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Jolynn said...

Poor Rhys. But we do have some toys like that at our house too. Lexi has a few things she wants to keep for her kids too.