Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's give the fish a cookie!

One of the first things Rees does when he comes to Grammy's house is give the fish a cookie. I have algae wafers for my tropical fish that I call cookies to explain that they are treats for the fish. I always give him one to give my fish. He knows right where they are and takes great delight in giving the fish a cookie. It's even more fun because the fish go nuts for them and he gets to watch the feeding frenzy virtually all night. Well when I was at work and he had a few minutes to himself and decided to give the fish a cookie without Grammy. He had great fun dumping in tons of wafers chatting excitedly to himself the whole time. Ashley got there as fast as she could but it was too late. They now had about 30 cookies! She called me at work ready to kill her son. I told her to be sure and grab the camera because I wanted pictures of the adventure and don't kill Rees.We decided to just leave the wafers until I got home from work that big deal. There was a huge pile of algae growing all over the tank and one cloudy mess when I got home. So poor Rees next time he comes to Grammy's house there will be no cookies for the fish. Except who knows maybe I will have to go buy more so he has them!

Lots of "cookies" at the bottom of the tank.

Rees is looking pretty sad and guilty wouldn't you say. I almost feel sorry for him.


Ashley said...

Stinkin kid.

Vicki said...

Speaking of water...where are you guys going on your cruise?! Every woman deserves to go on a cruise at least once in their life. We went on our first last January to the western Carribean and had a blast. (Thanks to my mom and dad) They are taking all of us on another one THIS January too to the eastern Carribean. Love the food, you will love the relaxation and all the yummy food you can eat.

Something Special said...

Cute grandson and cute post. He does look a little bit guilty.