Friday, September 3, 2010

MVHS vs Desert Hills

I was thinking I should post a football update for the family not able to get to Hayden's games. Our first game was home against Desert Hills of St George. We lost 21-0 so it was not a fun night. It was disappointing on many levels. Hayden only got 4 passes thrown to him all night that were catchable. That would have gone over better if we were killing them with some other fabulous plays but nope. It was NOT a good night. We have lots of film of Hayden open but that's not going to be so impressive for Snow College. He did catch everything thrown to him that was catchable though so that's cool. They want his game film, pretty or not so oh well they can judge for themselves I guess on how they think it went.

One of his receptions:
This camera doesn't take decent pictures in the dark darn it.
It is pretty cool that Hayden is a Captain though. Just like his big brother was!BTW Go Cymoni! You are an awesome cheerleader!

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