Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Last First Day of School...Well at MVHS Anyway!

Hard to believe my baby is starting his senior year of high school this year. Not only that the kid is now 18! When school started this year Hayden got a fabulous send of by ...not mom, but dad. He got up and made him a good breakfast and sent him off.
Next week we buy the cap and gown and stuff. This year is going to fly by I am sure. He is not too thrilled about being a senior because he would rather just stay in High School for the rest of his life but time marches on anyway.

Here he is chillin with Geof and Bowen.Maybe this will slow down the TPing of the summer. Hayden is getting pretty good at cleaning up after the frequent toilet paper fun in our front yard. Now all the girls will have homework to keep them busy! I should do a separate posting of just the abuse his car is taking from girls!

Quite a masterful job really.
Believe it or not one of the things we enjoy about having the kids around is all the friends coming and going. There are cars parked everywhere. This summer and the beginning of the school year some of them were here all night!

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Vicki said...

Have I told you lately how much I love that kid?! Don't tell him, but I just might have to save him for one of my'll probably have to be Tibi because Kira is too old for him :)

Thanks for commenting, I'm adding you to my blog list!