Friday, September 17, 2010

MVHS @ Kanab

This was a pretty fun game. Of course that's easy to say that when we kill the other team. One of the best things was everyone got a turn to score and there was lots of that!!We had it all worked out that I would take pictures like at Hurricane and Mendis would tape the game but at the last minute he was asked to do stats. That screwed up the photography but that's ok. I ended up taping the game and Mendis took a few pics between writing down stats. Kinda hectic. This was probably our last shot to take decent pictures because it's only going to get darker every week until we play playoff games in the afternoon.

This catch was ruled out of bounds and we all think it wasn't. Hayden said he was sure his feet were in and at this point in the pic they are in but oh well. It's not like we lost the game over it.

Probably the biggest disappointment of the day was when we pulled into pizza hut and they closed right in front of us!

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Vicki said...

Too funny about Pizza Hut! I guess it wasn't funny at the time...
It's amazing how much abuse these kids can take. That third picture looks like he's taking a beating...
that Kanab guy is horizontal!