Friday, May 28, 2010

Prom 2010

This year for prom Hayden took Ashley German. There was a group of 10 kids and they all had a great time. The started off with a breakfast feast. Hayden said it was fabulous.
They played a round of golf in Mesquite which they said was awesome. The weather was perfect too. We surprised them by standing on a hill to take a couple of pictures:

After the golf they had a massive indoor nerf war. Hayden said that was the best part. Kinda like halo come to life. They had a blast by the sound of it. We heard lots of running and screaming up and down the halls.

After a nap they got all ready for pics and dinner.

We got to do dinner again this year which sounds funny that we " got " to but we really like doing that sort of thing. I love decorating the table and stuff and making everything nice for the kids.
The dance was in Vegas this year at the Treasure Island. They said it was super fun. Luckily Hayden has driven in Vegas sooo many times I was ok with him driving. They dropped off their dates then a couple of the boys came over and finished up the sparkling cider and laughed and carried on until 3am. Luckily we were so tired we didn't hear a thing!

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