Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beth & John's Wedding

I have kept you all in suspense long enough ...time for a few photos:

The night before the big day:
Beth opening her "couch" purse and wallet. Carolyn filled it with cash and we both filled it with a ton of cool little sample size things for her honeymoon.
Wedding day and time for some more pictures:
Beth and her daughters

Beth and her sisters:

Beth and her 2 sons and John's 3 boys. Quite a handsome crew:

All the gals. John's 2 daughters on the left and his granddaughter and then Beth's girls on the right (Tori and Dreah)

The Davy Clan:

Would you believe we have no great pics of Beth and John together. They did all their pictures before the wedding so John was banished to the church to pace around while we took pics of Beth and everyone else BUT him. Now that I realize we have none of them together I am really bummed. They have great bridals so Beth ...SEND me some ok

Here they are cutting the cake. mom made their cake and it turned out pretty darn cute.

We did a fabulous job on Beth's car wouldn't you say. Tori added glitter every where just for John! We made cute hearts out of oreos on the windows! It was a masterpiece to be sure.

It was a super day. The ceremony went off without a hitch even with Carolyn playing the piano (hahahahah). The bride and groom were stunning and so happy. The dinner was awesome. Her friends in Tennessee were the best. We enjoyed meeting everyone of them. I am so so glad I was able to be there for her special day. I loved John he is a great guy. Her kids were adorable and I loved getting to know them again. It was so worth going!

Congrats again!!

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