Friday, May 21, 2010

Brian Regan

We had a super fabulous weekend when we got to go to the much anticipated Brian Regan show at Tuacahn May 15th. Oh my gosh was it ever fun. Dr Jensen had given everyone in the office a dvd of his shows for the last 2 years for Christmas so we were very familiar with his work. We heard about his show at Tuacahn last year but by then the show was sold out. We were all so disappointed we vowed to get tickets to the next show so we did...11 and 1/2 months ahead of time!! Our whole office bought a big block of tickets together. We got excellent seats since we were so early too.
Can I just say we laughed so hard I thought we'd die. Both Mendis and I couldn't breathe when he was talking about loosing his hearing. We had such a wonderful time we can't wait for him to come back!!


Ashley said...

I love the facial expression you caught in the last picture. So funny!

Jolynn said...

I've actually never heard of him, but it sounds like maybe I need to check him out. Glad you had fun.