Sunday, May 9, 2010


Well another sports season has almost come to an end. I will admit Mendis and I tried to talk Hayden out of playing baseball this year and just concentrating on basketball but to no avail. He insisted on playing both. Now I'm not so sure he feels like he has made the right move. Many a day he would leave baseball and then drive himself to basketball workouts in Vegas right after. He got pretty tired and he got pretty tired of always loosing in baseball. They have a young team with kids who don't take things very seriously, frustrating at times!!Well the season will be over soon and while it was hard to watch him wear himself doing so much it was fun to see him play again. This is probably it for him and baseball. Kinda sad cause he always loved it and he could play any position. Well he hasn't been catcher in years but I 'm pretty sure he could do it if asked to. Well football workouts are right around the corner so he can do that while he goes to basketball tournaments every weekend now! Here's Hayden with his Vegas team...can you find him?

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Ashley said...

I love how Hayd is the only white boy. It totally cracks me up. I'm glad he likes his team so much. We are going to have to go to one of his games!