Thursday, May 20, 2010

Disney World!!

So many fun memories where do I begin. Nadine, Carolyn and I ran off the plane and booked it to Disney world because we had lunch reservations to keep. We have our priorities!! We picked up Jennifer and raced over to the Disney Hollywood studio park for our lunch. (Bless Jenn who got us into the park every single day-Jenn you Rock) We power walked straight back to the SciFi Drive Inn and made it with -4 minutes to spare. Lunch was well worth it.

We had fun seeing all the Monsters Inc gang and posed for a few pics even though the humidity totally killed our hair:

I've always been fascinated by the brownstones of New York so we couldn't resist getting a picture sitting on these steps:

We pretty much wore ourselves out that first day. We made it on Toy Story Mania which is probably my favorite ride now. We didn't get to any thrill rides because apparently none of my sisters are into thrills. It was crowded and so hot and humid I hardly cared that I didn't even ride the Rockin Roller Coaster.

The next day the 3 of us headed to the Magic Kingdom. Again hot and humid. And crowded. Love how much fun Carolyn and Nadine are having on Splash Mountain:

Photographic proof that we wore ourselves out yet again:

The highlight of the trip to Disney had to be dinner at Cinderella's castle. We had eaten there about 35 years ago so we were really looking forward to it. Of course we were tired and getting silly by then so it is completely understandable when I say we kinda lost it at the castle. We got a bit punchy. In fact one server commented that we must have had lots of the "magic" water. We harassed Ariel to no end for getting married at the tender age of 16 and thinking that she knew better than her father. She went right along with it and kept in character. Very hilarious, at least for us.

Nothing but good to say about Belle:

Jasmine...well her modesty was clearly in question here!
After we laughed ourselves sick we managed to enjoy the fabulous meal. The dessert was to die for:

Loved the show and fireworks with a million of our closest friends:

Monday Carolyn and I met Mom and Dad at Epcot and ate ourselves around the World Showcase. Loved it

We had a blast. Sorry husbands and kids for ditching you all but sacrifices had to be made. We would have just embarrassed you at the castle anyway!!

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